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Retailers face inconsistent product data in e merce efforts. Retailers building up their e merce businesses require more detailed product data from suppliers in order to satisfy Web-savvy customers. But sharing that data in a standardized way is still a work in progress, with retailers sometimes providing inconsistent information about the same product online. “Not only does it delay getting a product to market by not having that information from a supplier in standard form,The National Security Agency set it in motion in 2006 and the vast network of supercomputers,morphsuit¬switches and wiretaps began gathering Americans’ phone and Internet records by the millions, looking for signs of terrorism. but it also costs money to cull all that stuff from various sources,” Dan Smith, CIO of Hudson’s Bay Co.The surveillance machine grew too big¬superhero costumes¬for anyone to understand.,The card provides purchasing protection and can be linked to loyalty points to be redeemed in retail stores, while the connection¬Tampon¬could offer enterprising firms the chance to give clients a discount on their phone bill. tells the CIO Journal. Creating a standard system for sharing product information is “a frontier I believe needs a lot more evolution.” For example, if a particular pair of shoes is described on one website as “sneakers” and on another as “trainers”,Cubans also must obtain an entry visa for some countries,acrylic resin¬including the United States. the customer faces the possibility of seeing the same product under two different names. Automating these processes and creating a standard system will only b e more important as the number of products in the marketplace grows. The information “is not static, and it’s not going to stay static,” Hudson’s Bay CIO Mr. Smith says. “That information is going to end up growing to be more a part of how you differentiate your product.”

CIOs: Choose your digital future. To thrive in the digital economy, panies need to exploit digital technologies to create new sources of value for customers, says Guest Contributor Nigel Fenwick. It is the job of the CIO to ensure the CEO understands that survival may depend on how successful the firm can weave digital “throughout the fabric of the business.But every day, NSA analysts snooped on more American phone records than they were allowed to¬spiderman costume.”FTC cybersecurity case against Wyndham to proceed. A federal judge on Monday gave the Federal Trade Commission the green light to move forward with a lawsuit alleging Wyndham Worldwide Corp. failed to make reasonable efforts to protect consumer information, reports the WSJ’s Brent Kendall. The FTC sued Wyndham and three subsidiaries after hackers broke into the hotel chain’s puter system as well as systems at several of its individual hotels from 2008 to early 2010. Wyndham has argued that the FTC’s lawsuit was an unprecedented power grab in which the mission was seeking to hold businesses liable for hacking, rather than hanging the responsibility on the perpetrators.

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