Their popularity has soared in recent years

Unlike traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco. But critics say they can be just as dangerous, depending on what chemicals are in the nicotine.But there’s still so much more that happened in the world of science¬modern lighting¬this week, so here’s a roundup of what we missed:Scientists mapped the tiger genome for the first time, and they found a natural-born killer.Their popularity has soared in recent years, with vape shops springing up across the state.Teenagers are helping drive sales. The national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently found that the number of middle and high school students using e-cigarettes doubled from 2011 to 2012.Earlier this year, the state Senate passed a bill SB 224 prohibiting e-cigarettes from being sold to minors without restricting the power of local governments.She won “worst new star of the decade” in 1990.Her most memorable moment was¬women shoes manufacturer¬likely her star turn in a 1982 Golden Globe pay-to-play scandal.

The House version HB 169 did not include the language taking away local governments’ rights to regulate the sale of e-cigarettes and tobacco products when it was first filed in October. That provision was added during a mittee hearing last month.Artiles said the provision was needed because several Florida municipalities including Weston, Sunrise and Lighthouse Point had begun enacting their own e-cigarette ordinances.”We cannot have 415 cities and 67 counties having different types of e-cigarettes laws,” he said.As the bill moved through the Legislature, Artiles also added new, more stringent restrictions on e-cigarette sales including one requiring the devices and other electronic nicotine dispensers to be kept behind the counter in convenience stores.

Local governments and anti-smoking groups were focused on the preemption language and its potential to override existing municipal ordinances.Compounding their concern: the language applies to the sale of all tobacco products, not just electronic cigarettes. While only handful of local governments have ordinances restricting the sales or use of electronic cigarettes,The card provides purchasing protection and can be linked to loyalty points to be redeemed in retail stores, while the connection¬Tampon¬could offer enterprising firms the chance to give clients a discount on their phone bill.As Breazeal’s work on Kismet was coming to an end, a young Italian roboticist,buy christian louboutin¬Giorgio Metta, arrived at Brooks’s lab to work on his PhD. dozens have ordinances regarding the sale of tobacco products. Florida Association of Counties President Bryan Desloge said municipalities should retain that authority.
“The form of government closest to the people is the government that knows what’s best,Even for those granted a passport, an average Cuban salary of $20 a month means travel is still little more than a¬Waterborne resin¬without the help of a friend or relative outside the country.” Desloge said. “We would like to continue to be able to govern locally.”On Monday, Artiles said he would consider allowing existing tobacco sales ordinances to be grandfathered into the law.

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