Costume retailers carry the widest and deepest inventory

Thompson said that supplies of the costumes are shipped by air to expedite their arrival at stores, tentatively by early May.A study by S.R.I. International, a Silicon Valley research group that specializes in technology,Sanitary napkin¬found that game-based play could raise cognitive learning for students by as much as 12 percent and improve hand-eye coordination, problem-solving ability and memory. Disney Stores also are setting a per-guest limit to prevent multiple purchases by resellers.The shortage of the Elsa costumes is due in part to the seasonality and timing of costume sales nationwide, according to Madelon Gerety, product brand manager for Disney at Disguise, a Poway-based manufacturer of costumes and the official costume licensee.But every day, NSA analysts snooped on more American phone records than they were allowed to¬spiderman costume. Big box stores such as Walmart and Target typically sell the bulk of their costumes in the fall in anticipation of Halloween, then mark them down afterward. The supply for coveted Disney princess costumes is limited to a few spots in toy sections at these stores during the rest of the year. Costume retailers carry the widest and deepest inventory,The National Security Agency set it in motion in 2006 and the vast network of supercomputers,morphsuit¬switches and wiretaps began gathering Americans’ phone and Internet records by the millions, looking for signs of terrorism. also in the fall.

By the time “Frozen” became a surprise blockbuster at the end of November, there just wasn’t enough on the racks to meet the huge wave of parents and grandparents scrambling to find the costumes in stores, Gerety said.Costume Castle in Lake Forest, which carried Elsa costumes from Disguise, sold the last of the dresses in January, said Dani Santi, operations manager of the family-owned costume shop.Disguise is now busy with lots of reorders and gearing up for the anticipated big deliveries this fall.Cubans also must obtain an entry visa for some countries,acrylic resin¬including the United States. “We are going full tilt,” Gerety said. “All of our customers are ordering this.”For parents who are adept at sewing, such as Karrie Hansen of Manteca,The surveillance machine grew too big¬superhero costumes¬for anyone to understand. there’s a happy alternative. Manteca sewed her own Elsa and Anna dresses for her daughters Aleksia, 7, and Brooklyn, 3. The girls wore the dresses during a visit to Disneyland on Thursday.”I’ve been making dresses for three years because they are better quality and not like everybody else’s dresses,” Hansen said.

For Besnard, going through the trouble of finding the costume is not about getting a must-have or giving in to a child’s wish.She said it’s about enabling Cayla to role-play in costume based on a strong female character and extending the make-believe period in her younger daughter’s life.”Elsa is so in charge of herself,” she said. “She is the perfect mix of empowerment and being dressed beautifully and glittery. My daughter likes both aspects.”Cayla doesn’t do dress-up that much anymore, but if she had the Elsa costume, she would.”

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